Wonder Woman: The Revolutionary Super-heroine

Wonder Woman Feminist Icon

Wonder Woman: The Revolutionary Super-heroine 

Ho.ly. Shit! I’m going to try to write this article without spewing insane amounts of profanity through my fingertips, but this movie is so amazing I am bursting with gratitude (which results in profanity, apparently). Thank you to the production companies that came together to give us this iconic Wonder Woman to revere once again because this film is the epitome of awesome.

An amazonian warrior woman that literally saves the world. A woman! She’s not SuperMAN, or BatMAN, or SpiderMAN – she is Wonder WOMAN – A WOMAN!! We have countless Batman, Ironman, and Superman films, but this is the first time a female superhero has been such a compelling sensation! I’m sure it helps that Gal Gadot who plays Diana Prince is fuckin’ hot as fire (I said I’d try, I didn’t promise). This 5’10” Israeli amazon was the perfect cast. Side note – it’s absolutely AWESOME that an Israeli woman was cast to play this iconic American icon in today’s climate. You’ve got to love liberal Hollywood. Suck it politics and hatred. Except for the Mayor of Austin who stood up to the sexist tyrants complaining about a female only showing of the film


Wonder Woman Feminist Icon So what is so amazing about this Wonder Woman film?

What’s amazing is that this super hero is a woman, I think I mentioned that. It’s also amazing because the screenwriters rocked, the action scenes were gripping and believable, the special effects were astounding, and the acting was top notch! The quality of this film is through the roof. The way the writers weaved the story line together by fusing Greek mythology with the World War I setting was phenomenal. It could have WWII, the decade was a little ambiguous but it doesn’t matter because it’s great regardless) was phenomenal. It seems like a strange dichotomy, but it came to fruition without a doubt that the two worlds could exist simultaneously.  

(Side note: I hope Gal Gadot was compensated fairly in comparison to her male superhero counterparts.)

As part of the feminist community I am truly thankful for the makers of this film and the many references to this man’s world not being deserving of Wonder Woman, particularly with the legacy that she’s had to endure as being written by men throughout the character’s history. To witness her glory on the big screen is so impactful to the understanding of a woman’s strength in general. Her ability to shield herself from imminent danger is remarkable and reflective of a woman’s ability to shield herself from all the b.s. she encounters. Her physical strengths are obviously enormous, but her mental strength and morals are accentuated as well.

The Fem Takeaway: Please understand that you, as a woman, are amazing. And although sometimes it feels like the world wants to reject women, remember that you’re so damn great it doesn’t even deserve you. So forget the laundry and go save the world!