Welcome to The Paperback Post!

Welcome to The Paperback Post! We’re Briana and Cassie! Pleased to meet you. Before we tell you what we do here, let us share a tiiiiiny bit of our story: Firstly, we’re sisters. Paperback Post was born on the most monday Monday EVER. Cassie just graduated college with all the bells and whistles required of a teacher, and was offered a middle-of-the-school-year position for $12 an hour (*ahem* In N Out pays more). Briana was doing the same career dance she’d been doing for the last 15 years while deciding how in the hell to publish a novel and get us both rich like our homegirl Jo (Jo Rowling to be exact) so we could retire to a beach and drink rum like Captain Jack Sparrow for the rest of our eternity.

On the Monday in question Briana just received the 100th rejection letter for an entry-level position into the Dallas Criminal Court System because she was under-qualified. Cassie was searching job boards for something more than this provincial life but was also feeling under-qualified caused by the limitations of her degree, while actually being over-qualified for the job paying $12 an hour.

The root of the problem comes from our background. We come from a place where opportunity is sparse, and knowledge is even more sparse. So sparse the only way out is to literally pack your shit up and leave or stay and become an Instagram model and still be poor. That fish would have been us had we stayed in our hometown. This would not do, so we both left in completely different directions to explore the world and each ran into a wall of far more qualified people for ALL of the jobs out there. We are qualified in intellect, and half-qualified on paper. Given that we both owe four arms and four legs to student loans, we each felt stuck. Felt like we were sold a debt for a dream without the instruction manual. We want to do what we love (read books) and talk about them with awesome people (you) to dispel some of the ugly images of women and promote the prettier ones – even if pretty comes with real and rough edges. We want to put good into the world, and instead of being limited by a certain degree, we decided to just do it, so along came The Paperback Post.

So, without further ado, we bring to you… The Paperback Post!

The Paperback Post believes women should be appreciated in literature and reality. We are an online community dedicated to empowering women through analyzing the roles, treatment, and behavior of females in contemporary literature. We aim to promote appreciation and equality of females through damn good discussion and even better writing. Consider The Paperback Post to be your book club, but you can join in from your bed and not wear pants (tell me that doesn’t excite you!). We can talk you down from that ledge when you read something awful, when you cannot get over the death of Albus Dumbledore your favorite character, or when you’ve been sucked into the craze inducing antics of Amy Dunne another character.

We hope that you’ll find this community as satisfying as it is for us to create it and that you always provide your pure and unfiltered thoughts.

Happy reading!