intersectional feminism

About Us:

The Paperback Post celebrates intersectional feminism as our truest calling is to support the prerogative of women. We are an online community dedicated to empowering women through analyzing the roles, treatment, and behavior of females in literature, the media and reality. We aim to promote diversity and equality of female-identifying people through discussion and even better writing. The Post opposes the narrow views constructed by society, and encourage women to reach outside of the box we are placed in. Women are more than baby-makers, wives and sexual objects; Women are diverse, complex creatures.  

Consider Paperback Post to be your book club, but you can join in from your bed and not wear pants. You can read with us, and vent with us. We hope that you’ll find this community as satisfying as it is for us to create it. Consider your goal here to always provide your pure and unfiltered thoughts.

Happy reading!